The New Genware Launch Has Arrived

The latest Genware new product launch has arrived with over 100 new products available to buy online from Monday 3rd July 2017, all of which are certain to keep even the most pernickety of food and drink enthusiasts pleased.

This latest launch once again looks favourably upon front-of-house dining, with stylish aesthetics and quality manufacturing at the forefront of the design process . And whilst Genware is a brand that prides itself on its ability to launch fresh, innovative new concepts, our latest launch sees focus fall upon breathing new life into older concepts, specifically vintage concepts.

“Ideal for cool, casual food presentation”

Forged from Stoneware

Cast Iron is ever popular in the casual dining sector because of its industrial charm but this comes at a cost; it requires seasoning to prevent rust, it is heavy and it isn’t dishwasher safe. The solution….Forge!
Forge stoneware combines the aesthetics of cast iron with the practicality and functionality of stoneware, making it a great new addition to the Genware range and ideal for cool, casual food presentation.


Old but New

Antigo, Portuguese for old or ancient, is the latest addition to the Terra Stoneware© range. Inspired by the aging of Bronze, Antigo’s matt grey finish with subtle highlights of green captures this process like no other with an unusual sense of historical importance. The 23 piece range would be befitting of any past Roman banquets as much as today’s fast paced casual dining sector.


Sleek Vintage Steel

Old or ancient appears to be a theme with the launch of the Vintage steel range alongside Antigo. Vintage Steel gives the operator a visually pleasing approach to serving cocktails, fries, sides etc. without forfeiting on practicality. Not only dishwasher safe, another key benefit of Vintage Steel is its longevity. Unlike most coated/polished items, which tarnish or fade after regular use, Vintage Steel is only going to look better and better over time.


You can download the latest Genware New Product Supplement here.
Alternatively, you can view the new launch online.


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