Nevilles Wins at the Caterbar Awards

Caterbar, a national consortium of successful Catering and Bar equipment distributors held its annual awards ceremony on the 22nd June 2017. Nevilles was honoured to attend the event having been nominated in several categories and was the proud recipient of the Best Online & Media award.

The award is of particular significance as Nevilles prides itself on the way it communicates, presents information and builds relationships through its marketing and online media channels.

A sentiment that is shared and encapsulated by Richard Agnew, Caterbar Executive Officer, who is quoted as saying:

 “The award recognises a company’s awareness of the importance of both internet based business to business trading including website ease of use, relevant images, sizes, descriptions, navigation etc plus a developed social media programme.

Neville’s were viewed as having embraced all aspects of online trading,  and for every product launch of the last few years there has always been a back story, or research conducted, adding to the impression that they don’t want to follow trends but to set them. And importantly it’s a story they want everyone to hear which is further embodied in their magazine.”

Nevilles take great encouragement from this award from Caterbar. And with a progressive and innovative marketing strategy set in place there will certainly be no resting of laurels as Nevilles look to provide further growth opportunities for their customers with new online media and marketing channels set to launch in the coming months.

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