Genware Concepts Guide: Coming Soon

One of the key strengths of the Genware product range is the diversity and mix of both products and materials. Covering a wide range of applications, for both front of house and back of house, Genware has touching points to almost every aspect of the tableware and light catering equipment sector.

The breadth and scope of the Genware range has previously been showcased through multiple platforms, not only the highly in-demand Genware brochure, but also through focused marketing documents which have enabled the range to flourish through segmented channels. One such example of this has been the Genware Concepts guide, which will soon see the latest release in its third iteration.

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The Genware Concepts Guide is an essential tool for the use of showcasing a vast array of contemporary food and drink themes, all of which are fulfilled through the Genware Product Range. The latest version of the guide has 32 different concepts on show, including Buffet, Caribbean, Tapas, Brunch, Asian, Pub Grub, Coffee, Smoke House, Starters, Sharers, Indian, Seafood and Cocktails. That’s more concepts than you can shake a spatula at.

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The new Genware Concepts Guide has been designed to help inspire menu development and depicts exciting new ways to enhance food and drink presentation with the aim to impress discerning consumers and cost-conscious operators alike.

The rise of the ‘hybrid‘ dining model has seen a huge opportunity for hospitality venues to capitalise upon consumer demands and to branch out into new territories, expanding their service for wider appeal. This has seen coffee shops start to serve craft beer and cocktails with speciality brunch or pizza menus. Likewise, many bars are now trying to impress the hipster coffee obsessed millennials with gourmet coffee menus and the latest cold press coffee brews. Meanwhile every restaurant worth their salt is trying to step up their game, whether it be through enhanced food presentation, menu development or ethical resourcing of produce. Everyone is in competition with each other now it seems. It’s an open market.

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This presents a great opportunity for operators, through menu development and improved presentation platforms, to increase their appeal to wider audiences. This is where the Genware Concept Guide can help steer the inspiration for prospective venues to add the ‘wow’ factor into their food and drink service.

The new guide will be released in August 2017. Stay tuned for more news and to find out how you can get hold of your very own copy.

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  1. david Sewell says:

    fantastic idea guys, looking forward to seeing the creative ways to use genware products #trendsetter


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