Nevilles at the Grind

On Thursday 14th September the Nevilles Team travelled to the big smoke to enrich their knowledge of all things coffee. Hosted by The Gentlemen Barista in the stylish The Building Centre, the team had a day of coffee shop exploration ahead of them.

Starting with the cupping of 6 different coffees, the team inquisitively slurped and swished the coffee around their pallets to get the full effect of the flavours. Repeated twice, they were able to experience how the flavours of coffee changed over a short period of brewing time. With interesting flavours ranging from sweet fruit to rich, smokiness, the many varieties of coffee bean, their origin and range of tastes were discovered.

With this new knowledge in hand the team took their chance at espresso making. With a demonstration by their chief barista and teacher, each member ground and tempered their coffee beans to create their first professional espresso. Some were more successful than others to say the least, with double shots of ground coffee beans pouring into the waste basket, to tempered levels with slopes the height of Ben Nevis. But the team did not waste their barista attempts and re-charged their batteries by knocking back the espresso shots. With a caffeine buzz settling in, we ventured on to froth milk to the consistency of velvet and created abstract latte art. Barista skills, as we discovered, truly is an art.

With the artisan sandwiches from The Gentlemen Barista’s counter soaking up the caffeine, we set to work exploring how the Genware product range to see how it could further develop into this key and crucial market. This was achieved by breaking down an essential coffee menu and reviewing how these everyday coffees could be improved through stylish Genware presentation.

First up was the presentation of the espresso. Popular with the team were the Genware Double Walled Coffee Glass, projecting a sense of exclusivity and luxury onto the small shot, paralleled with the versatile 4.75oz Genware Vakhos Tumbler which was able to accommodate the espresso, the water and the sugar in equal measures of style.

Next we explored the realms of small milk based drinks and how the presentation of the piccolo, macchiato and cortado could be heightened. From the bright red gloss of the Genware Bowl Shaped Cup and matching saucer to the monochrome design achieved from mixing and matching the range. We had many combinations to consider that expertly matched the profile of each coffee.
Moving through the coffee shop menu the team continued to explore a number of coffee variants, teas and cold brews. A great day was had in which our coffee knowledge was significantly improved. This will help us and our distributors as we further develop our coffee related product range and develop new marketing materials. Watch this space!

Download a copy of the Genware Concept Guide Here

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