In Memory of Sue Clark

_AB29780We were all deeply shocked and saddened to hear the news that Sue Clark, Sales Manager with Nevilles, passed away peacefully on Sunday, 12th November.

Sue came to Nevilles in 2009, at a time when we were looking to grow our business, and to develop our Sales team. When I first met Sue, I was struck with her ability to truly listen, to process information and to deliver a considered response, taking on board all of what had been talked about. She really stood out, and was one of the most empathetic Sales Managers you could hope to meet.

In her first few months at Nevilles, we used to sit down every Friday, and talk about what she had seen and heard in her previous week of customer visits. Her perceptiveness was uncanny, and she quickly built up a great understanding of what we needed to do to grow our business.

She was excellent company too. Many people will remember days and evenings spent with Sue, where we would of course talk about work, but always moving to a wider conversation about life, friends and family. Many people have talked about her capacity for remembering every detail about you and your family, and her interest being totally genuine.

As our business grew and developed, Sue relocated to Ireland, where she was able to develop strong relationships with her customers in Ireland. I still remember in Sales meetings using Sue as an example of building strong individual relationships with customers. There was no-one better at this than Sue.

Sue, like all of us, experienced challenges in her work. What was always impressive was her willingness to improve and adapt, whilst understanding precisely her role in helping customers with these challenges and transitions.

Since she passed away, we have been inundated with messages from customers across the UK & Eire, who valued her enormously, both professionally and personally.

Nevilles were very privileged to have known Sue as a colleague and as a friend, and we are enormously thankful for the time that she had with us.

Rest in Peace Sue

Andrew & the team at Nevilles

If you would like to donate to Sue’s family’s chosen charity, Cancer Research, you can do so here.

A selection of messages from Sue’s customers

“I am so deeply saddened to hear about Sue. I personally had a great relationship with her on both a business and personal level and will miss her greatly and have done so without her visits over the last few months. Sue was a fantastic person and her kind and bubbly personality was contagious.”

“Over the years I built up an excellent relationship with Sue, I saw her far more frequently than representatives from any other of our suppliers, any issues were always dealt with and ironed out quickly. She always had time for a cup of tea and a chat that often went far beyond the usual work talk, over the last few years you will have seen our business increase substantially with Nevilles, much of this was down to Sue and the way she worked with her customers. I know she will be a huge loss to your company.”

“Sue was indeed more of a friend than a sales rep to us here at Gilmartins and we will miss her kind soul.”

“Everyone in Hugh Jordan is deeply saddened and shocked to hear the news of Sue’s passing and we really cannot believe she is gone.

Knowing Sue’s vibrant personality I guess we assumed that she would overcome her illness in the same way that she overcame any other challenge but now we know that sadly it was not to be.”

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