Dispatch Update 17th January 2018

Dear All,

Thank you for your patience with Nevilles, and apologies as our order disruption continues.

To update you on our situation, Tuesday 16th January saw our highest dispatch date of 2018, with over 400 consignments dispatched from Nevilles.

We are working through issues as they arise, with queries taking longer to resolve than we would like. We have identified that our delivery documentation needs to be easier to understand and clearer and we are working on improvements to this.

As you will be aware, some customers orders have not been dispatched when they were intended to be. Our apologies if your order has not been dispatched. We are clearing outstanding orders and queries as a matter of priority.

If you wish to see the status of your orders, this is all available on the ‘My Account’ section of the website, when you have logged in. This will allow you to see what has been dispatched, track your order and also check what is still outstanding.

Our Order situation is as follows:

Orders received today (Wednesday 17th January) will be dispatched Friday 19th January

Orders received tomorrow (Thursday 18th January) will be dispatched Monday 22nd January

Orders received on Friday 19th January will be dispatched Tuesday 23rd January

We will issue another Update on Monday 22nd, to clarify the situation for orders placed with us next week.

We do acknowledge that this service level is way below that which is expected of Nevilles, and we do not wish this to continue for any longer than is required. We are working as our no. 1 priority to restore our service proposition, and this will remain our primary focus until we do.

Thank you for your support of Nevilles

The Nevilles Team.

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