Brixton, Jerk & Genware

The Nevilles Marketing team took to the streets of Brixton, South London, to visit the beating heart of the Caribbean food scene in the capital and to look at what’s hot within this food trend and how Genware products can help create unique presentation ideas. .

Caribbean cuisine has been slowly making its way onto the mainstream dining scene for a number of years, blasting onto people’s culinary radar in 2007 with Levi Roots and Dragon’s Den, however despite this exposure it is still not as popular as Indian or Chinese dishes.

The Caribbean community in the UK has been growing since the 1900s. With the first, most famous transatlantic voyage to Britain in 1948, where a one-way ticket cost over £700 in modern money. By the 1960s the British Afro-Caribbean population had grown from a few thousand to over ¼ million, and Caribbean food began to appear on the high street in areas of high population density, like Brixton.

Caribbean food is traditionally used as a way of bringing family and friends together, so it’s no surprise that it is becoming a popular alternative to mainstream pub grub.

With popular Caribbean dishes, like Jerk chicken, popping up on pub menus and high street chains, the Nevilles team headed out to the hub of Caribbean cuisine, Brixton, to see how these comforting dishes are starting to grab the hearts of the nation.

We embarked upon a Caribbean journey of flavours, sampling Jerk Chicken Wings, Salt Fish Fritters and Cassava Fries, washing the tasty small plates down with cocktails like Ting Wray and Homemade Ginger Beer.

It is true to say that each Caribbean restaurant we encountered was full of colour, rum, music and a friendly, open-armed welcome, living up to the perception of its authentic roots. Dishes were served in enamel plates and bowls, adding rustic charm to a dish that was seeped in heritage.

We rocked up with some of the latest Genware products to see how we could help our casual dining customers present their Caribbean offerings in new innovative ways. Whilst nestled outside Fish, Wings and Tings in Brixton Village, vibrant wall art and Colourful Greaseproof Paper was the perfect backdrop for our crate of Jerk Chicken Wings and Pineapple Salsa. Whilst every cocktail looked appetising in the Pineapple Copper Cup.

The award winning Black Enamel Range was very popular with the chefs and waiting staff, with one commenting how their Jerk Bowl looked more appetising in our enamel tableware. High praise from a chef of Caribbean heritage and a vast understanding of the cuisine. Our lunch was finished off with a cocktail presented in the Black Tiki Glass which naturally fitted the relaxed, chill-out vibes of Rum Kitchen.

Genware is already a popular product within the Caribbean casual dining scene, with our cutlery, enamel tableware and barware featuring in independent Fish, Wings & Tings, and high street chain Turtle Bay. And we predict this slow burner trend is about to hit its peak.

Caribbean cuisine covers a variety of on-trend dining practices, from sharers, small plates, theatre and colour. And the versatility of the cuisine will see it appear more prominently on mainstream menus, with Jerk Chicken Burgers already a widely available alternative. The latest Genware products, along with many of the existing lines echo these themes, with colour, mixed materials and innovative cocktail presentation options. This trend is definitely one to watch for 2018, expect to see a Caribbean eatery popping up near you.

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