The Breakfast Revolution
The general spend on breakfast in the UK is up by 31% when compared to the previous eight years and the breakfast revolution is set to continue throughout 2018. Which cannot be said for lunchtime diners. In 2017 lunchtime visits were down by 80 million.

The popularity of breakfast is forging its way through our social media platforms, with ‘breakfast’ being hash tagged more than 53,940,000 times on Instagram. With the first meal of the day becoming one of the most popular, 2018 will see restaurants develop their menus to include more breakfast inspired options that are available throughout the day.

January 2017 saw over 60,000 people sign up to participate in Veganuary. This is a 260% growth on figures from previous years and it’s predicted that in 2018 this will continue to grow.

There has been an increase of 350% of Vegans living in the UK, with half aged between 15 and 34. 2018 is predicted to see the development of vegan fast food, with people looking for healthier on the go options. And with the popularity of veganism continue to rise, restaurants are adapting their menus to cater for this lifestyle, with many restaurants offering vegan dishes or even exclusively vegan menus.

Street Food is here to stay
2016 saw the rise of street food in the UK and it looks as though the public cannot get enough of this style of dining. Search volumes for street food have grown more than 80%, with over 2.5 million people eating street food daily. With street food here to stay, festivals like The Big Festival, London’s Camden Market and British Street Food Awards, are opening their doors to more food vendors.

The Rise of Local Produce
People are increasing becoming interested in where their food comes from and how many miles it has travelled to end up on their plate. With three fifths of shoppers consciously thinking about the origin of their food.

Emphasis on local produce has seen a surge in successful independent, local restaurants, as well as larger restaurants adapting their menus depending on their location and the produce they can readily access. 2018 will see menus adaptive to the produce readily available around them.

Instagrammable Coloured Food
With the rise of social media and many consumers looking for the perfect Instagram food pic, chefs are now looking for innovative ways to create hash-tag worthy dishes.

A new trend predicted to hit our dining tables in 2018 is coloured food, with 2017 already welcoming black breads, blue lattes and purple cheesecakes. Our dishes are set to become more vibrant than ever before. #instafood

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