Get #InTheMoment with Young Epilepsy

On Purple Day, 26 March, Young Epilepsy are launching an exciting new national awareness and fundraising campaign ‘In The Moment’.

The aim of the campaign is to ensure everyone understands the true impact of epilepsy on young people today; and how it can change anyone’s life in a single moment.

Over the next three years, Young Epilepsy  are hoping to give young people the confidence and means to share their personal experience of epilepsy; its impact on their everyday lives and future prospects, as well as those around them.

Such experiences might include the moment a teenager is officially diagnosed, or the devastating impact of a child’s first seizure on mum and dad. Most importantly, the campaign will highlight the many inspiring stories of how those affected by epilepsy – the young people themselves, as well as their family and friends – have overcome the challenges they have faced, together.

Finally, Young Epilepsy are working to secure systemic change to key public policy and practice, finally giving young people with epilepsy the life-changing support they need (wherever they are and whatever they’re doing).

Support the campaign now with just a few clicks.

To make the campaign launch a success, we’re asking all staff to help Young Epilepsy to spread the word! All you have to do is join their #InTheMoment Thunderclapand ask everyone you know to do the same.

In a single click, this will share the campaign message and goals with the followers of everyone that signs up – by publishing the same tweet or Facebook post at the very same moment. So please help Nevilles and Young Epilepsy get #InTheMoment trending at 10am on Purple Day, 26 March!

Sharing your epilepsy moments

If you are a young person or know someone that has been affected by epilepsy in children under 25, you can also help raise awareness of the challenges you have faced and overcome by sharing your story using the campaign hashtag #InTheMoment on social media – starting on Purple Day, 26 March 2018.

Thank you for your support – and stay tuned for more information and updates!

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