Dining Trends 2018 Spring Update

Hotelympia saw the continuation of self service and automation within the casual dining scene. Whether it’s champagne from a drinks dispenser or automated coffee, self-service and pre-prepared drinks are making their mark.

The ability to order and pay for your meal at the comfort of your table and at a time and pace that suits the diner is here. With tablets mounted to the table, diners can send their order direct to the kitchen, removing the need for waiting staff and speeding up service time. However this may not please everyone. With waiting staff not needed, jobs could be at risk within the catering and hospitality industry and diners may not wish to place their own orders via technology and prefer the personal touch of a waiter.

Within the drinks industry, premade drinks and drink machines that mix themselves are shaping what an outlet can offer on their menu. These machines are removing the need for training mixologists, baristas and other serving staff, whilst making cocktails, coffees and other more complex drinks assessable.

The way we dine is changing, with fast food merchants already using this technology to help with their service. It’s likely that many larger chains will adopt this type of service to improve productivity but it’s worth noting that this style of dining will not fit in every type of establishment.

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