Industry Trend – Whisky

The Stats

  • The Old Fashioned is the most popular cocktail ordered worldwide
  • 64% of Whisky drinkers state that flavour / taste are the most important factors in a Whisky
  • UK on-trade has 387 Whisky brands, 4 times more than the average category brand count

Whisky has made a comeback and knocked ‘Mother’s Ruin’ off its post. The once masculine dram on ice has had a makeover and is finding itself served in cocktails, tasting menus and even vending machines.

Who’s been mixing it up?

BAO, Fitzrovia

In 2018, BAO introduced a series of fried chicken and whisky nights. Bespoke highballs, sours and drams where served with fried chicken dishes to celebrate BAO founders’ love of Taiwanese fried chicken and Asian whisky.

HotBox and Wild Turkey

Hosted masterclasses on how to make an Old Fashioned. Find our recipe at the end of this blog.

London’s Bloomberg Arcade

Included a whisky vending machine in their restaurant. The vending machine, not only created a conversation point, but allowed customers to explore the world of Whisky by sampling 10ml sample servings. It opened up the world of Whisky, allowing diners to either step out of their comfort zone, or indulge in a more expensive dram, without having to take the jump.

Where can Whisky add value?

Whisky is making a breakthrough in the casual dining scene and can add great value to a restaurant. From reinventing the cocktail menu, adding it to dishes or pairing different whiskies with dishes. With diners increasingly wanting a hang-out to casually drink and eat, providing the latest trend will bring vogue diners to your door.


Go vintage. Add glamour to your Whisky cocktails and highballs with a range of vintage inspired glassware.

How to make…

Old Fashioned Poster

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