To celebrate #LondonCocktailWeek, we have explored the latest cocktail trends to hit the scene.

Complex Serves – Complexity in cocktails is huge in London right now, with bartenders moving away from over dramatic presentation and opting for a more simple and clean approach. The rise in the use of highballs reflects this. With less drama being added to the presentation, complexity in flavour is where the trend has evolved to, by either using complex flavours in simple ways or using scientific techniques.

Scientific techniques – People are becoming more knowledgeable about scientific techniques when it comes to beverages, for example; redistilling flavours or clarifying juices. Bartender laboratories like Crucible, are designed as a co-working space for London’s inventive minds, and provides a place for bartenders to experiment and practice their new techniques.

Sustainability and wellness – With people drinking less and exercising more, the drinks industry is evolving to reflect these lifestyle changes. Low alcohol drinks will continue to grow and it is predicted that aperitivo hour will continue to dominate. Bars are also becoming more sustainable, with the introduction of reusable straws, being resourceful with fresh ingredients and reducing their food waste.

Challenging flavours – The invention of the Aperol Spritz last summer and the resurgence of the Negroni show that our taste buds are changing. Cocktails are now incorporating warm, bold and brave flavours, taking inspiration from what used to be the bartender’s drink list.

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