Food Trends 2018 – Dude Food

Dude Food is the latest trend to appear on our Instagram feed. As depicted in the name, Dude Food is the manly and calorific take on all American dishes. It is made up of greasy, meaty meals with some out of this world food pairings.

Dude Food appeared on the scene as a social media phenomenon and has now started to make its way into the UK and US casual dining scenes, for example Meat Liquor and Dirty Burger.

Impos recently surveyed 400 business owners, workers and managers from the hospitality industry, and found that 33% predicted that the trend will continue to grow throughout the year.

With Instagram bloggers having covered the Western Dude Food trend, Japan is now moving onto the scene. Japan’s Dude Food provides an insight into their after work hours dining habits.

With Japan’s national cuisine having the image of light and healthy, it is refreshing to see Japanese cuisine taking a more junk food angle. Based on the Izakaya bars, Japanese Dude Food takes the hearty and cheap meals provided to the long hour workers and mega sizes them, with almost everything deep fried. You can expect deep-fried calamari, Yakitori crispy chicken skewers and omelettes wrapped in bacon, all served in monstrous portions.

Not ready to feast on the Japanese version? Then try colossal burger stacks served with doughnut buns and smothered with melted cheese, all washed down with a Mason jar freak shake of cookies, brownies, ice cream and chocolate sauce.

This is not for the faint hearted or the health conscious, but with trends currently focusing on the health implications of food, it’s great to have one that remembers to have fun!

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