This years BIGGEST trend – Veganism

Predicted by Just Eat as the trend of 2018, this year has seen Veganism bloom in popularity. With 33% of Just Eats partner restaurants now offering vegan options, with many launching vegan dedicated menus, it’s clear this way of living is taking hold.

In a recent survey conducted, 542,000 UK citizens now follow a vegan diet, with the majority from the 15-34 age category.

So how do you present your vegan dishes for maximum impact?

Current tableware trends we have noted are

Colour – Vegan food is colourful in its own right, but adding a splash of backdrop colour with plates makes the dishes pop. The new Terra Porcelain range is available in 5 stunning colours, aqua blue, rustic copper, black, grey and matt grey. We showcased our vegan shoot on the matt grey, the perfect colour of emphasising the pink beetroot and orange butternut squash.

Interesting Plate Shape – Move away from the classic rimmed plate, with interesting plate shapes. Coupe bowls are perfect for vibrant salads and rectangular plates lend themselves to aubergine dishes.

Vintage Glassware – Add glamour to the table top with vintage glassware. The feminine cut glass creates tactile texture, and clear glass showcases the colourful beverages. Popular in a lot of vegan eateries, vintage glassware is the ideal way to mix up your drink offering.

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