#Ginuary – What does 2019 hold for Gin?

We’ve trawled the web and combined the top Gin predictions for 2019 to watch out for.

  1. New Flavours

Gin consumers are fully aware of flavoured gins, but unlike the original liquor, flavoured gins have failed to be given the time and attention in regards to quality. 2019 is set to change this, with distilleries moving away from fruit base syrups, packed with sugar. Instead botanicals, spices and herbs will be explored. Placing quality above trend-led flavours.

  1. Gin Tourism

As the market starts to look at Asia and US post-Brexit, new ways to grow business will be explored. Gin tourism will include direct sales from distilleries to consumers, distillery visits and informal gin tasting sessions. Large leaders, like Bombay, will easily be able to accommodate this on a grand scale, but it will be interesting to see how small, craft distilleries accommodate this into their business plans.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

With the bar scene increasingly becoming a plastic free zone, bartenders are looking for new ways to make their bar environmentally friendly. The waste not / want not ideology is creating a think first / drink later consumer. With this in mind, bar tenders will begin to dramatically cut food waste. And one way of achieving this is with ‘closed-loop’ cocktails that use excess fruit to create natural cocktail syrups.

  1. MORE Gin

Yes more gin will hit the market, with supermarket owned brands jumping on the band wagon. But with more choice, consumers are likely to become more particular. It’s predicted that consumers will lean towards those companies with strong values, whether that’s their environmental policy or supporting talent with graduating schemes.

  1. The Cull

With more gin companies entering the market, many will fall before the years out. With an influx of gin, the industry will become critical of what a gin consists of. It’s predicted that gins below the 37.5% ABV requirement and do not include sugar, will not be classed as a liquor. Also, 0% ABV ‘alcohol-free Gin’ will be classified as a botanical liquid. Reducing the overall number of Gins on the market.

So here’s to 2019 and to the consumers starting the year with more than a simple G&T.

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