Why is food presentation important?
Food presentation is critical at Smugglers, it allows us to stand out from the student-focused bars in our surrounding area We know that food presentation makes all the difference to our customers.

If food is presented in an interesting and unique way then our customers are more likely to enjoy their experience. We have found that our customers often make a snap judgement on the taste of their food based on how it looks when they see it.
How would you describe your presentation style & how do you create this?
We produce great quality food in an informal setting. We try not to overload our customers with mounds of food and still create dishes that give plates full of
colour and style. Creating colours that create food envy in your fellow diners is our aim.
We give classic dishes a modern twist. We love that by using darker bowls for our unique, vibrant curries it has made them really stand out.
What is your go to table presentation item?
The versatility of our GenWare chip cups means we can create plated designs that have a unique take on classic dishes. We use the chip cups to present our delicious mac n cheese, which has generated a number of comments from our customers.
What trends have you seen emerge in 2018?
Plant-based and vegan foods have been massive this year We have incorporated lots of unique vegetarian and vegan foods into our menu. Our butternut squash rice bowl, presented in a large coupé bowl, is proving to be one of our most popular dishes.
lnstagrammable items such as our veggie platter, presented on a large rectangular plate, are also getting lots of attention. We use darker crockery to bring out the vibrancy and colour of the food. Eco-packaging has been at the forefront of everybody’s mind this year and Smugglers are incredibly environmentally conscious…
What trends do you predict for 2019?
Delivered foods are going to be big in 2019. We are looking to achieve the same quality food presentation in our deliveries as we do in our restaurant. We believe the vegan and vegetarian takeover is going to continue and we are looking into more vegan and vegetarian alternatives to add into our menu. We a so believe transparency and traceability are going to be key trends with diners.

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