Case Study: Nevilles support Young Epilepsy’s Healthy Tea Room

In the summer of 2018, Young Epilepsy converted a Boot Room Cabin into a Healthy Living Tea Room.  This was funded by a Government grant, raised through the Soft Drinks Industry Levy that came into effect last April, otherwise known as the ‘Sugar Tax’.

The aims of the Healthy Tea Room are:

  • To improve student health and well being
  • Provide the opportunity to create, produce, manufacture and sell healthy produce
  • Learn life skills related to building independence, communication and social skills
  • Help the students work towards vocational qualifications

Nevilles donated cutlery, teapots, mugs, plates and jars to help stock the tea room with much needed equipment and continue their ongoing support for their chosen charity.

“Thanks to Neville UK’s generosity, the Tea Room is now fully stocked and the space looks and feels like an authentic country tea room. It is a source of great pride to the students and the charity as a whole.”
– Wendy Tester, Young Epilepsy

The Tea Room is open to staff and students and visitors, and is giving Young Epilepsy’s students – many of whom have epilepsy and complex needs – an opportunity to get involved in preparing and cooking healthy snacks; media skills to help advertise the facility; and horticulture skills, as plants, fruit and vegetables are grown on site.

Nevilles are committed to continuing their support for the tea room, donating surplus stock throughout the year. To donate the Young Epilepsy please click here

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