Service Disruption 27.3.19

You may well have experienced order delays from Nevilles over the past 2 weeks. Our apologies for this.

We have seen a number of factors affecting our ability to successfully achieve our service proposition. We will detail these, and then what we are doing to address these challenges:

  • ​Order levels

We have seen higher than expected order levels (over 40% increase) during March. We have increased resources in line with this, as we do during other peak periods, however even with this increased level we have been unable to achieve 100% dispatch, when combining this with the factors below:

  • ​Back orders

To improve our On Time In Full levels, we have seen a huge influx of stock in the past 4 weeks, adding over £2M to our stock valuation. The positive part of this is that this stock will help us complete the large number of back orders that we have, however this huge influx has caused an additional workload for our dispatch team.

  • ​Sample orders

We have seen an exceptional volume of sample orders, over 2,000 sample orders this month. These orders are extremely time consuming, and we are working through these, however sample orders will be the lowest priority in our business.


What we are doing…..


Increase Resource levels. We have increased to an unprecedented level our resources for our dispatch team, now effectively 45 people, to be able to manage our service proposition.


The influx of stock is now complete, meaning that our stock delivery programme will return to normal levels. This will significantly reduce the workload from our dispatch team from today onward.


Sample orders. We will treat these as the lowest priority, with Main Orders and back orders given highest priority

We do expect our service levels to improve today, and I will update this statement tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience, and again apologies for the disruption.

The Nevilles Team

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