World Whisky Day 2019

Whether you drink it neat, on the rocks or mixed into a famous old fashion. World Whisky Day is the perfect time to recap on this rising old favourite.

The end of 2018 saw a boom in the whisky industry. With the increase of World whiskies, Japanese and Taiwanese proved popular. Also, an increase of whisky cocktails, introduced the spirit firmly on the mixology scene.

With a shortage of aged whisky hitting the market this year, World whisky is filling the gap. As is NAS whisky. NAS, or no-aged-statement-whisky, has been criticised in the past by connoisseur whisky drinkers. But with whisky becoming a cocktail favourite, age is becoming less of an importance.

Popular cocktails away from Old Fashion consist of whisky sour and mint julep. All which are perfectly presented in tumblers, and open themselves up to extra garnishes, such as fresh herbs and dehydrated fruit.

World whisky day is here to celebrate its heritage and embrace the new paths this spirit is taking. So whether you are toasting the day with a wee dram or spicing things up with Hot Toddy, enjoy the whisky and ensure it’s served in style.

Check out some inspirational serving suggestions below for whisky cocktails:


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