Industry Insight: hicce

We took a moment to chat to the owners of hicce.

  1. How did Hicce come to fruition?

hicce has been a dream of Pip & mine for the best part of 10 years, we met almost 20 years ago on a winter season & the plan was hatched back then. Following the ski season we went off on separate paths in the industry but were always learning in each employment what we wanted to achieve in our own restaurant. After looking for the right location for the best part of a year, we were invited to meet the guys from Wolf & Badger as they wanted to discuss what possibilities might be in the the newly developed Coal Drops Yard. Luckily we were in the right place at the right time I guess.

  1. How would you define and describe the concept of Hicce?

Fun, we don’t really see a specific demographic. If you enjoy going out, eating well, drinking some special drinks & having fun, please come & join us.

  1. How was this concept created, what items were used to create this?

The concept is really deduced from our experiences on our travels. The key items needed are our people.

  1. How do you marry your food and drink presentation? Is this something you are consciously aware of when serving food and drink at the table?

We dont really match our drinks & food, we see them sit alongside each other pretty harmoniously. We do use a lot of similar ingredients in our cocktails as the kitchen cook with & our house IPA is brewed for us by our good friends at Hackney brewery

  1. How important is drink presentation compared to food presentation?

They are on equal par. Our bar manager Anton is a very creative person & prides himself on the ingredients, taste & look

  1. What’s your most popular cocktail? How is this presented?

hicce is our house cocktail which is very popular, but the Bagleys (as we are situated in the old nightclub sight) is a close second. Everything in the glass has to add to the drink, no silly garnishes.

  1. Are there any challenges when presenting wood fired food?

Not presenting, the biggest challenges are the infrastructure needed in order to use this cooking source

  1. What are your go to presentation items when presenting food?

Again we dont use anything that does not add to the dish, so Pip only uses items that are edible & work with the dish

  1. What are your predictions for the casual dining scene?

Tough market, there are some great operators out there. I think the general public are smart & they know what good is, so operators have to be at the top of their game.

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