World Vegan Month

The vegan revolution shows no sign of abating with new research from showing that 2.9 million people will follow a vegan diet by 2020. Interest in the lifestyle is growing exponentially with more than 35% of British consumers maintaining meat-free days (#MeatfreeMonday) on a weekly basis. The trend has developed as concerns about the environment, animal welfare and personal wellbeing increase.

Veganism is the choice of many celebrities and millennials alike and is now taking the culinary spotlight, as the catering industry rush to acquire part of the £443m market.

Latest trends

Meaty Mushrooms

Make the most of the perennial favourite, from button to shiitake, they add texture and flavour to any plate. Mushroom bacon and other mushroom meat substitutes are growing in popularity in restaurants, as chefs find more ingenious ways to use this versatile vegetable.

Raw Food

Raw foods continue to be on-trend, as consumers are more aware of the impact of cooking on the health benefits of the foods they eat. The two trends seem to be complementary with many vegans including raw foods in everyday meals. These are appetising additions offering fresh healthy flavours and vibrant colours to inspire the palate.

Vegan Seafood

Plant-based tuna, smoked salmon, fish fillets and prawns have all made their way onto the commercial market. Most are based on elephant yam (used in Japanese cuisine) and offer a real alternative to fish.

Buddha Bowls

These big bowls of rainbow colour foods have been trending on social media for some time but they are now making their way onto menus. Simply put, they are a complete meal in a bowl, with grains, raw or cooked vegetables and a nutritious protein, cupped in a bed of healthy greens.

Doughnuts and Ice-cream

Whilst healthy eating motivates many vegans, there is still a thriving trade in sweet treats. Vegan doughnuts are taking centre stage as the creativity of bakers is showcased through these delectable morsels. Vegan ice-cream trade is flourishing with expanding options utilising the creamier and richer pea and oat milks. Flavour, colour and texture come together producing desserts to remember.

Check out some inspiring GenWare serving suggestions below for vegan food.

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