Service Disruption 27.3.19

You may well have experienced order delays from Nevilles over the past 2 weeks. Our apologies for this. We have seen a number of factors affecting our ability to successfully achieve our service proposition. We will detail these, and then what we are doing to address these challenges: ​Order levels We have seen higher than expected order levels […]

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The future of casual dining

From a recent presentation and anticipated casual dining report by Simon Stenning, we discuss the predictions for the future of casual dining in restaurants and pubs. The Background From 2013-2015, the casual dining industry received heavy investment, which led to significant expansion. With significant expansion, competition for ground space was high, pushing development costs up […]

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Why is food presentation important? Food presentation is critical at Smugglers, it allows us to stand out from the student-focused bars in our surrounding area We know that food presentation makes all the difference to our customers. If food is presented in an interesting and unique way then our customers are more likely to enjoy their experience. We have found that our customers […]